It’s 2021, we’re quickly coming to the end of the first quarter of the 21st century and our high streets are going through an evolution. Throughout the media industry we hear alarm bells ringing about the demise, desolation and disappearance of our high streets. “Save our high streets!”, “Stop the decline!”, “Support local business!”, are the cries of the many as we slip inevitably towards empty barren pedestrian zones that were once a hive of bustling activity. What’s to be done, and are high streets actually “declining”?

Why the supposed decline?

Humanity is all about convenience and habit. Everything we do is designed to…

If you’re not familiar with Hawkwood Rd. car park, it’s located in the centre of Boscombe, running parallel with Boscombe High Street. Here’s a map to save you some time searching on Google Maps.

Hawkwood Rd. car park in Central Boscombe

Hawkwood Rd. car park is the last major open-air public car park in Boscombe. It is a prime piece of real estate, and presents one of the last opportunities Boscombe has to actually forge its own destiny and pull itself out of the deep morass of deprivation it’s been in since the day the first house was built there.

The redevelopment of this site is a…

Showcasing artwork and innovation in public places has always been an example of a community with high culture. Cultural pursuits are an intrinsic part of community growth, and showcasing the work of local creatives can serve as a source of pride for the local community.

Further, it shows that we as a community care about art and innovation and want to remind both visitors and each other of that fact. It builds visible links within the community, and shows that we wholeheartedly want to support local talent.

This article is a follow-up to our original article about a dedicated active travel scheme through the heart of the BCP along the railway line. We recommend that you read that article first before reading this one. In this article we’ll explain why we think this idea is — in reality — a no-brainer, and what potential opportunities it could open up for the BCP.

Why does the BCP need a project like this?

The BCP is a sleepy backwater conurbation on the south coast of the UK. It relies heavily on tourism for its economy to function, which is a highly volatile industry, as we can see clearly…

This is a big idea. Sadly we’re not artists so we can’t provide artistic renditions of what it would look like, you’ll have to use your imagination. For another example of what we’re suggesting please have a look at the Yongsan Line in Seoul, South Korea.

The national Active Travel Scheme is becoming more and more important these days. Our efforts for sustainable living are popping up here there and everywhere and lots of little wins often equate to a big win. However, sometimes we just need a big win on its own to jump-start a sometimes flagging initiative. …

The hospitality industry is fast approaching oblivion. COVID 19 is turning into the straw that will break the camel’s back, but it’s by no means the root cause of the problem. Any business owner in the hospitality industry is well aware of the causes of the problem, because those causes have been around for at least two decades if not longer, so there’s no need to go on about them.

It’s natural to focus more attention on the larger causes of the problem because solving them will reduce the strain more than solving smaller individual causes. However, it takes a…

In such a time of instability a clever community will appreciate that there are many ways to skin a cat, and will realise that maybe it’s time to consider a new way when it comes to stabilising its economy.

Why do companies go out of business? Because they run out of money. What does a community need to be stable? Money. Fiscal resources are one of the cornerstones of a stable community, so how do we become fiscally stable?

Fiscal stability is not rocket science, it’s a very simple concept. We, as a community, need more money coming in than…

Local businesses are hugely valuable and vital assets to any community. There is a very strong push at the moment for spending locally, and we wholeheartedly support the endeavour, but is there more we can do to the shop local process to keep a local economy fiscally sound and afloat?

Olivia lives in the BCP and is a huge advocate of the shop local movement. She believes that by buying from local businesses her local community will benefit, and to some degree she is right. What Olivia doesn’t think about is how the local business spends money.

Where spending locally actually goes

For a local…


Around the world urban development has for the most part followed a centric model. From the smallest hamlet up to the largest metropolis, they all centred around a single point and grew outwards from there. In the UK the focal point was often the church, and as a place grew that focal point would the marketplace, which in turn would be replaced by the Central Business District (CBD).

The physical geography has always played a key role in determining both where settlements spring up as well as how they naturally expand. Settlements would almost always respect the physical geography of…

If you’re trying to gain exposure for your business or organisation in a local market, one of the best ways to do that is on local platforms, and here are a few reasons why.

Specific vs. General

Global platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. are completely general in their approach to discovery. Their algorithms, can be very effective when working with generic search terms, but they completely fail when dealing with the idiosyncrasies of local communities. …

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