A boost for local artists and creatives with public display cases please

Boscombe container dog by a local artist through Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe initiative

Public display cases to the rescue

In our opinion, public display cases seem like the most sensible solution to this conundrum. The cases themselves are fixed in their locations, but the installations inside of them can change as often as we want them to. This method of displaying public art installations meets all four of the requirements we mentioned above.

Where to place display cases

It makes sense to locate the majority of display cases in areas with high footfall. Historically this would be high-streets, but as more and more people are engaging in health-consciousness and wellbeing public parks would also be a very good location.

How to design them

We came up with two designs for display cases that we think would fit well. We need to be aware that we’re potentially dealing with both 2D and 3D installations, so we need to cover our bases.

Example design for 2D installations
Example design for 3D display case
Example usage of display cases in public spaces

Not your average social enterprise

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