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  • umair haque

    umair haque


  • Gordon Fong

    Gordon Fong

    Lives in Southbourne, business locations in Bournemouth and Winfrith. Web, hosting and consultancy.

  • Laura Yarrow

    Laura Yarrow

    UX and tech geek. Observer of humans. Crisp connoisseur. Yarn fondler. Undercover Northerner.

  • Pier Beyond…

    Pier Beyond…

    Discover Bournemouth’s arts and culture… and get some art in your life

  • BHappy Bournemouth

    BHappy Bournemouth

  • Bournemouth Film School™

    Bournemouth Film School™

    Bournemouth Film School at AUB is creating the next generation of moving image storytellers, technical specialists and craftspeople. bournemouthfilmschool.com

  • Matthew Desmier

    Matthew Desmier

    I collect dots and spend my days trying to connect them. I help others connect them via @SiliconBeachUK, @Copy_Cabana & @OpenSauceUK. And I'm a pittakionophobe.

  • Mini Bites Mama

    Mini Bites Mama

    Welcome to Mini Bites Mama — Helping families to feed good food to their munchkins #MiniBitesMama #Goodfoodforkids #MoreMealsTogether

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