How to read what you want on Crimson News

It’s all well and good having access to everything under the sun about the BCP in one place, but are you interested in all of it? Probably not, right? So how can you hide the things you don’t want to read, and just get your hands on the good stuff?

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Yes, another one of those, just sign up you’ll love it messages, but we’re 100% genuine about this one. As a registered member on Crimson News the experience is a million times better.

Registered members have to pick the news they want for anything to appear

When you log in for the first time you’ll see the screenshot above asking you to pick the news you want to read. If you don’t pick anything you wont see anything!

Picking your news is really simple to do. We give you a list of everything that’s available and you simply toggle the categories you want on or off. You will only see the categories you toggle on in your News Feed.

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Choose the categories you want to read about


It gets even better when you engage the personalisation system, which is on by default. As you open and read articles from the categories in your News Feed, we keep a running counter for you. The more often you open articles from a specific category the higher up your News Feed it will appear!

You can tell if the personalisation setting is on for you by checking the main menu in the top bar.

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Logged in main menu

Subscribing to great sources

Reading articles via categories is a topical way to find things you like, but it’s not the only method. All of the fantastic content syndicated on our platform comes from amazing local individuals, businesses and organisations, we call them sources.

You can subscribe to sources just like you do with categories. If you subscribe to a source it will appear directly in your News Feed!

Finding great local sources is incredibly easy. Just open the search feature and type something in.

Subscribing to sources is a great way to keep up-to-date with their latest content

As a registered member of Crimson News you really do have the chance to control the things you read! Why settle for second best when you can completely control your reading experience in just a few clicks.

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