More than just a mirror of your content

If you’ve had a quick peak at Crimson News then you might be wondering what the benefits of syndicating your content on our platform might be. So here’s a little breakdown of why we think it’s worth it.


We don’t just display your content and forget about it, what would be the point? We keep track of some really useful statistics and analytics about every source we syndicate.

Info about your articles

Due to our 100% curation methodology, not everything that you publish will end up appearing on Crimson News. Articles do need to meet our content policy, and we keep track of whether they do or don’t.

If we determine that an article might be NSFW or require an age restriction we keep track of that too, as well as if we believe it to be sponsored.

We tag stuff too!

When we curate your articles we apply tags based on what we believe your article is about. Our algorithm determines this from the text of the article and we manually finalise the list.

We keep a list of the tags for your articles on your source, so you can see what we think you’re writing about.

Why not categories as well?

If you articles get pushed into categories (which generally happens), we keep track of which categories they are going into most.

We also keep track of a number of other useful stats

We also keep track of a number of other useful stats including how many people are currently blocking your articles :’( how many days your source is marked as popular (top 10 in terms of subscribers), how many times your articles have been featured for categories, and how many times readers have clicked through from your article on Crimson News to the original on your site.

All of these analytics are available for every source we syndicate.


Having had a look at our service, we’re guessing you probably didn’t sign up with us. No problem, but we guarantee the experience is so much better!

When readers are logged in they subscribe to the categories they want to see in their News Feed. Anything they don’t choose doesn’t show up.

But it gets even better! Logged in readers can also subscribe to sources! That’s you! So maybe you subscribe to the Lifestyle and Fashion categories, but you might also subscribe to a specific source that writes articles in those categories. That looks like this!

Subscribing to sources makes them appear in your News Feed as well

Of course we keep track of subscribers for sources as well and will often display how many they have. You might also notice the star in the image above, which denotes a popular source (top 10 most subscribers), which updates every day.


As a brand new service we’re just getting to grips with public usage and the teething problems we might encounter. We don’t currently offer a public way for source owners to view their analytics (sorry), but that is coming very soon! In the meantime, you can always ping us an email and we can send them over to you.

Alongside your social media and mailing list channels, Crimson News is a fantastic addition to help you reach your target audience in the BCP.




Not your average social enterprise

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Not your average social enterprise

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